Welcome to the Law Offices of A. Rahman Rahimghiyasa. Established in 1979 we have spent five decades building our reputation as one of the leading law firms in Afghanistan. Our lawyers are among the most experienced in their fields and have provided their expertise to the government of Afghanistan in the development of the Afghan legal system.

We use our technical and in depth legal knowledge to help our clients resolve issues and fulfill their objectives. As part of our drive for excellence we place our clients at the centre of our business. Combining our local expertise in Afghan law with global standards is one of the reasons why we have developed a long and prestigious list of clients that include high profile individuals and international corporations.



Certificate issued by the Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce & Industries
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  • "We always strive to develop strong working relationships with our clients in order to better understand their needs and provide them with tailor made solutions"
    A. Rahman Rahimghiyasa
    Managing Partner